Important Ways to Tell if a Samsung Charger is the Best

01 Feb

Samsung appliances are the most preferred products on the market. Samsung phones are also very much loved by a lot of individuals because of how they have competitive features. When you buy a new Samsung phone, you are going to be given every type of accessory ranging from a charger, earphones, additional battery among other accessories. There are times, however, when you may need to buy another charger after the one you had develops some problems or gets lost. You must be having an idea that using a third party charger for any Smartphone can develop some awkward problems like poor charging speed and overheating. When you go to buy the Samsung charger, you want to have exactly the one you had to buy it can be an overwhelming task to choose an exact one if you can't find the sample for it or the model numbers are not visible. Discussed below are some of the key things to put into considerations when choosing a Samsung charger for your Smartphone. You can click here for more info on the matter.

Access the quality of your charger
Generally, verified Samsung chargers do not have any rough plastic edges, prints you can't see or even crooked or dented USB input and outputs. You can as well be able to tell if the charger is authentic by trying to charge your phone. Chargers that are not genuine will take much longer than the standard Samsung to charge your phone and will heat up faster. You'll want to view here to know the advantages of genuine accessories.

Ensure that the writing on the charger is not on a plug-in side
If you realize that the writing on the charger is on the same side as the plug, then know that your charger is a fake one. Most Samsung chargers place their information on the same side as the USB port.

Find the UL logo on the back of the charger
The logo should be in the lower left quadrant of the charger and it resembles a UL that is encircled. UL is simply a safety organization that is given the mandate to maintain the safety standards for all the marketplace technology. Don't try to buy a charger that has no Underwriters Laboratories logo.

Find the USB output
If you find that the output is on a short side of a charger, know that the charger is genuine.

Getting a real charger is very important because it will guarantee you that your phone will be secure. It is always good also to find someone who is close to you to help you in this process of looking for a genuine Samsung charger. Want to see a really cool phone case accessory? Check this out: 

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